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Top Applications for Moca Cream Limestone

Top Applications for Moca Cream Limestone

The Moca Cream limestone presents exceptional characteristics that makes it suitable for several different applications. In addition to this, this quite versatile limestone offers numerous types of finishings, which allow for a much more diverse and wider result. The following selection shows some of the best and most common application types for the Moca Cream limestone.

5. Masonry

The subtle beige colour, the medium grain and uniform background of the Moca Cream create an amazing look for exterior masonry work. Due to these particular characteristics, it’s quite simple to create a beautiful and pleasant environment with a natural sensation.

4. Wall Coverings

Interior or exterior walls – all can go perfectly well with this beige limestone. Due to its unique parallel vein, the Moca Cream creates unique look in terms of wall coverings, in particular with rectangular shaped panels.

3. Interior Decoration

One of the main uses of Moca Cream limestone is to decorate all types of interior decoration applications, including staircases, diverse stonework, and much more. This is a fairly soft limestone that is easily manufactured for this type of work.

2. High-Rise Building Cladding

Another possible use for this natural stone is the cladding of high-rise buildings. The Moca Cream limestone has been widely used on such applications in different European cities and combines in perfection with dark glass and other materials.

1. Exterior Cladding

Exterior cladding is ultimate and preferential type of application for the Moca Cream limestone, including full coverings, facade fillings or general cladding (either glued or stapled). The unique beige parallel vein present in this natural stone contributes for a very uniform and reliable exterior cladding for a wide range of utilities.

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