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Moleanos Blue

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The Moleanos Blue is a grey / blue limestone, with fine to medium grain and several brownish spots. It presents some slight signs of fossils on its surface, being considered a very hard limestone. Its main variations depend on the color, grain and amount of fossils.

The Moleanos Blue limestone is a close variation of the Moleanos Classic limestone, where both are extracted in the same quarries, but on different layers or beds. The Moleanos Blue represents a smaller percentage of overall extraction and is considered a limestone suitable for smaller jobs.


Compression strength: 1550 Kg/cm2; Flexural strength: 141 Kg/cm2; Open porosity: 1,7%


The Moleanos Blue is a preferential limestone to be used on interior flooring applications. It is also commonly found on interior wall coverings, bath design and interior decoration. Due to its considerable hardness for a limestone, this is also used on exterior applications such as cladding, but also paving, if with right thickness and size.

This is an incredibly popular limestone in countries like the UK or USA, with a consistent and growing demand.

Moleanos Blue

Limestone Finishings

Moleanos Blue


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  • Moleanos Blue limestone flooring
  • Moleanos Blue limestone flooring
  • Moleanos Blue limestone flooring
  • Moleanos Blue limestone flooring

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