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Moleanos Classic

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The Moleanos Classic is a beige limestone with a consistent color, medium grain structure and occasional signs of fossils and calcite. This is a fairly hard limestone that is often used on a diversity of applications. The Moleanos Classic has today quite some availability, competitive price and consistent supply.

The Moleanos Classic is a well established limestone in the world market, where together with the Moca Cream limestone are perhaps the two most relevant beige limestones coming from Portugal.


Compression strength: 1630 Kg/cm2; Flexural strength: 135 Kg/cm2; Open porosity: 1.7%


The Moleanos Classic limestone is a fantastic type of stone that can be used on essentially any type of interior or exterior application. This is a versatile and resistant limestone that is used on both interior and exterior flooring, cladding, diverse stonework, masonry and much more. Due to its color consistency and hardness, this is a great choice of limestone for a wide range of uses.

Moleanos Classic

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Moleanos Classic


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