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Moca Cream Cross-cut

  • Moca Cream Cross-cut limestone
  • Moca Cream Cross-cut limestone slabs
  • Moca Cream Cross-cut limestone cladding panels
  • Moca Cream Cross-cut limestone cladding


The Moca Cream Cross-cut is a beige limestone that is a direct variation of the famous Moca Cream limestone (Classic type). By turning the block of the Moca Cream with vein-cut, we will have a cross-cut variation. This essentially shows no parallel vein, but instead irregular clouded areas with more or less grain. If compared to the well-known Moca Cream Classic and Moca Cream Fine variations, the Cross-cut type is a lesser known variation but with growing demand.


Compression strength: 930 Kg/cm2; Flexural strength: 126 Kg/cm2; Open porosity: 5,9%


The Moca Cream is a preferential limestone for exterior cladding use. With the Cross-cut variation that we present here, the same idea applies. This is a wonderful choice for cladding applications, presenting quite a uniform look. Additionally, this limestone can be used on diverse masonry and stonework.

Moca Cream Cross-cut

Limestone Finishings

Moca Cream Cross-cut


  • Moca Cream Cross-cut cladding panels
  • Moca Cream Cross-cut limestone slabs
  • Moca Cream Cross-cut limestone cladding
  • Moca Cream Cross-cut limestone cladding

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