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History and Background

Portuguese limestones slabs have been exported all over the world for many years, but representing a smaller percentage on the overall finished product market. Unlike it happens with marble, companies that have gangsaw capacity, would rather buy blocks and sawn them into slabs than buying finished slabs.

Despite this situation, there is still a certain demand for slabs from certain countries, particularly with less manufacturing capacity. Suppliers in Portugal see the supply of slabs as a complement to their activity, specially if it means keeping machines working and productivity higher.

Popular Limestones

Perhaps the most demanded Portuguese limestone is slab format is the Moleanos Fine limestone. This material is used as decoration or cut to size, which may justify the import of slabs. In addition, other materials such as Moca Cream, Moleanos Blue, Rosal, Cabeca Veada and few others have some demand.

Portuguese limestone slabs can be exported with 20mm and 30mm thickness, or in some cases with considerably higher thicknesses for diverse masonry work.

Markets and Trends

The most relevant markets for the export of Portuguese limestones slabs are located in the Middle East. Due to lack of gangsaw infrastructure, these countries normally rely on the import of slabs as finished product for further processing locally.

Moreover, countries like Italy, Greece, Spain, several East Asian countries or India, also have a considerable demand for this kind of product.

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limestone slabs

Limestone slabs


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  • Beige limestone slabs
  • Beige limestone slabs
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