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  • Beige limestone pavers
  • Portuguese limestone garden paving
  • Portuguese limestone street paving
  • Portuguese limestone traditional flooring

History and Background

The landscaping industry of Portuguese limestones has been essentially a national market with little export representation, being found on pretty much every historic city center in Portugal. However and since France started demanding Portuguese limestones to replace their own limestones that the landscaping export industry received a boost. Many public project were awarded to include Portuguese limestones and since then France became a major market. Today, there are a dozen of relevant markets importing regularly finished product in Portuguese limestone to pave its streets, gardens and other exterior applications.

Popular Limestones

The type of application demands a specific type of limestone, which is hard, has little porosity and shows higher levels of density and strength. Within this range, we are talking about limestone such as the Ataija Beige, Ataija Blue, Perlato, Moleanos Classic, among others.

Markets and Trends

France is by far the top destination of Portuguese limestone finished products for landscaping applications. Its market has years of experience with the limestones and supply structure is well developed for a continuous relationship. There are also other markets with some relevancy, such as the UK, Germany, some Middle Eastern countries to name a few.

Grey limestone kerbs production
Grey limestone street applications
Portuguese limestone kerbs
Portuguese limestone production
Limestone kerbs packing

Popular limestones for


Limestone landscaping


  • Beige limestone pavers
  • Beige limestone pavers and ramp
  • Limestone traditional flooring
  • Beige limestone garden paving

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Nation Towers grey limestone cladding

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Azul Peniche grey limestone cladding



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