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  • Beige limestone cladding
  • Cabeca Veada limestone cladding
  • Cabeca Veada limestone cladding
  • Moca Cream limestone cladding

History and Background

For the past several years that Portuguese limestones have been a top choice for the use on exterior cladding applications, with strong focus on Europe, in countries like Belgium, UK, France, Luxembourg or Germany. Portuguese limestones have generally a competitive price, are uniform in terms of color and grain, but are also technically suitable for these climates and for these reasons they have become a very competitive alternative to more traditional French or British limestones. For these reasons and more that Portuguese limestones have been popular in Europe for cladding use.

In addition to Europe, there has been consistent demand for cladding use from countries in the Middle East, where beige color is the preferred choice. With an abundant choice of beige colored limestones, Portugal has been a key supplier to these countries.

Popular Limestones

The most popular limestone for exterior cladding application is with no question the Moca Cream limestone, either the Classic or medium grain type, or the Fine type. The consistent and beautiful parallel vein of the Moca Cream has a unique appeal and is an ideal limestone for cladding applications. In addition to the Moca Cream limestone, there is consistent demand for limestones like Moleanos Fine, Cabeca Veada, Rosal and others. The key demand is based on consistency and the above limestones fill this specific need.

Markets and Trends

The traditional markets for the supply of cladding in Portuguese limestones are the UK, France, Belgium, Germany, to name few. These markets have historically their own limestones, which have been used all over the years, but recently have become less competitive and appealing, being therefore replaced by new and more competitive limestones like the Portuguese.

There is also solid demand of Portuguese limestones for cladding use from the Middle East, North America, but up-and-coming markets like India and other Asian countries.

Portuguese limestone cladding production
Portuguese limestone cladding production
Portuguese limestone cladding mock-up
Portuguese limestone cladding packing
Portuguese limestone cladding packing


cladding limestones

Portuguese limestone cladding


  • Honed surface
  • Bush-hammered surface
  • Brushed surface
  • Splitface surface

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