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The best grey limestones: Moleanos Blue and Jura Grey

The construction and decoration markets are keen on grey limestone. This is a colder color, contemporary that catches the attention of architects, designers but also final clients looking for the latest trends. There are a couple of grey limestones that stand-out from the crowd: the Moleanos Blue from Portugal and the Jura Grey from Germany. These are competitive limestones, but with a lot in common. Here, we take a view at both, making the comparison.

Moleanos Blue limestone

The Moleanos Blue is a light blue to grey limestone, originated from Portugal. There are few quarries extracting the Moleanos Beige, but also parts of blue. This is a hard limestone, with light grey color, brownish darker spots, as well as a relatively clean and uniformĀ  surface. This limestone is very versatile, being capable of several uses both for interior and exterior.

Jura Grey limestone

The Jura Grey is a grey limestone that is extracted in Germany by few quarries. Like the Moleanos Blue, the Jura Grey is also extracted in the same quarries as its beige counterpart, representing a smaller % of overall extraction. This is a limestone with a cold grey color, strong signs of fossils and calcite, with a somewhat messy structure. For a limestone, this is an extremely hard stone, being used on pretty much any application.


Despite the comparison, we are talking about fairly different limestones, with different structures and overall look. White the Moleanos Blue presents a fairly plain color, look and background, the Jura Grey presents a more messy structure, with strong signs of calcite and fossils. They both present the cold / cement look of the light silver color, but with different look.

On the video below, we make a good presentation of both limestones, comparing them.


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