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Moca Cream limestone selections of 2020

Moca Cream limestone slabs

The Moca Cream is a wonderful beige limestone from Portugal that has gained international recognition for its consistent beige color and most importantly, its unique parallel vein. It is today, one of the most important limestones in the market and the most on-demand Portuguese limestone.

Every year, new selections of this limestone come to the market, from new quarries or existing quarries that explore new layers. We present here, the selections for the year of 2020 that we find relevant to show, based on demand, variety but also commercially attractive. This is our top Moca Cream limestone selections of 2020!

Moca Cream Classic limestone

The Moca Cream Classic is a beige limestone, showing a consistent color, fairly uniform background and medium grain. But what stands out on this limestone is the parallel vein, which is quite consistent and has been the main reason why this has become one of the most famous limestones all over the world.

In terms of supply, this selection is widely available, showing a good relation between price and quality/selection. For smaller blocks, prices can be more competitive.

Moca Cream limestone slabs


Relvinha limestone

The Relvinha is a beige limestone, with fairly uniform background, fine grain and delicate parallel vein. This is the fine grain variation of the famous Moca Cream limestone, also known as Moca Cream Fine limestone. The Relvinha has an established demand from several markets, being considered a limestone with hardly any competition due to its delicate parallel vein.

In terms of supply, this selection is controlled by Chinese buyers, which show enormous appetite for this selection. This means that for the remaining clients, this is a selection with higher price.

Relvinha limestone slabs


Moca Cream Cross-cut limestone

The Moca Cream Cross-cut is a beige limestone that is a direct variation of the famous Moca Cream limestone (Classic type). By turning the block of the Moca Cream with vein-cut, we will have a cross-cut variation. This essentially shows no parallel vein, but instead irregular clouded areas with more or less grain. If compared to the well-known Moca Cream Classic and Moca Cream Fine variations, the Cross-cut type is a lesser known variation but with growing demand.

In terms of supply, the cross-cut variation of the Moca Cream limestone is somehow irregular, due to lack of confidence on dealing with cross-cut variations. However, there is great potential to cross-cut supply as many projects require beige limestones but with no vein.

Moca Cream cross-cut limestone slabs


Moca Cream Straight line limestone

The Moca Cream Straight line limestone shows a fine to medium grain, where its most interesting point if the uniform parallel vein. Not all vein cut Moca Cream limestone will show such a parallel vein, in most cases there is some kind of vein irregularity. In the case of the Moca Cream Straight line, we see a consistent parallel vein, which pleases many markets. It shows a very predictable vein, as shown on the picture.

In terms of supply, there is a certain amount of this selection available, with prices somewhat on the high side. This selection is highly popular in countries like Kuwait, UAE, Qatar, to name a few.

Moca Cream limestone straight line


Moca Cream Alberta limestone

The Moca Cream Alberta limestone is a more economic selection of Moca Cream, showing fine to medium grain, but what is specific about this selection is the fact that the vein is at times not that visible. If a finer grain Moca Cream at an economic price may be very appealing, the main factor to consider here is the less defined parallel vein. At times the parallel vein is replaced by some occasional spotted areas. Nonetheless, this selection shows a great price / quality relation.

In terms of supply, there is considerable quantity of this selection available. Despite not being well known in the market, there is growing demand for this type of Moca Cream.

Moca Cream Alberta limestone

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