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Markets and Trends

Limestone cladding on Kuwait villas

Kuwait has been a fantastic market for the supply of beige colored limestones for exterior cladding applications. Here, one can find wonderful applications of beige limestones on modern designed villas and residential projects.

While not too many years ago, there were few residential projects requiring high selection natural stones for exterior cladding applications, this market has boomed in the past several years in Kuwait. The beige sandy color suits very well the local climate, where in combination (or not) with other materials or colors, it has been a quintessential choice for theĀ modern Kuwaiti villa architecture.

Source: Mocacream





The difference between the limestones Moca Cream and Moleanos

In this article, we make a thorough comparison between the Moleanos and

Central Bank of Kuwait limestone cladding

Moca Cream limestone project – Central Bank of Kuwait

The Central Bank of Kuwait is a reference project in Kuwait and

Moca Cream cladding

Moca Cream limestone project – Nedbank cladding

The Nedbank head-quarters building located in Cape Town is an impressive building

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