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Limestone cladding in the Gulf region

The limestone cladding market in the Gulf region

Apr 10, 2021

The Gulf region is home to a large number of private residences that display fantastic-looking limestone claddings. These are fairly large residences with impressive claddings that are mostly covered in beige or white limestone.

Inspirational ideas for grey limestone applications

Feb 10, 2021

Grey limestones are great types of limestones for a good contemporary interior design project. Despite projecting a certain cold feel due to its color, they are also earthy and warm in terms of elements and look.  

Beige limestones used on construction sector

Nov 24, 2020

Beige limestone have been having an incredible demand worldwide for all sorts of projects, being today considered one of the most popular types of natural stones used on project development.

Limestone cladding on Kuwait villas

Oct 5, 2020

Kuwait has been a fantastic market for the supply of beige colored limestones for exterior cladding applications. Here, one can find wonderful applications of beige limestones on modern designed villas and residential projects.

Moca Cream limestone slabs

Moca Cream limestone selections of 2020

May 1, 2020

We introduce the main selections of the Moca Cream limestone for 2020. From fine grain to medium grain, there are numerous selections to offer in 2020.

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Nation Towers grey limestone cladding

Limestone project: Nation Towers in Abu Dhabi (UAE)

Azul Peniche grey limestone cladding



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